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Board of Education

DUSD School Board 2018 (left to right: Phil Miller, Wayne Brown, John Snell, Cherie Wright, Stephanie Theis, Dana Eddleman, Mark Eddleman)

Dongola Unit School #66 School Board

Board Member

*Completed Leadership Training

Philip Miller PDLT/PERA 7/10/2015 / OMA 2/2012
Cheri Wright PDLT/PERA 4/18/16 / OMA 5/7/2016
Wayne Brown PDLT/PERA 7/10/2015
Mark Eddleman PDLT/PERA 7/10/2015 / OMA 2/2012
John Snell PDLT/PERA 7/10/2015 / OMA 2/2012
Dana Eddleman PDLT/PERA 2/2014
Stephanie Theis PDLT/PERA 5/15/2018 / OMA 4/27/2018
Supt. Dr Paige Maginel PDLT/PERA 7/10/2015

*Leadership Training Information
Professional Development Leadership Training (PDLT) and Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) for School Board Members in 2015-2016