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Wednesday September 20, 2017

Happy Wednesday! Today is picture day! The weather is sunny, with a high temperature of 90 degrees. Breakfast: Biscuits & gravy and diced peaches, milk and juice. Lunch:  Walking taco with taco sauce, sour cream, re-fried beans, oatmeal bar and diced peaches.  

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Friday September 15, 2017

Happy Friday!!! Breakfast:  Pancakes, syrup, and mandarin oranges.  Milk and Juice Lunch:  Pepperoni pizza, salad with ranch dressing, mandarin oranges, milk Sports:  High School Volleyball game @ Agape 6:00 p.m.  Bus leaves 4:45 p.m.    

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Thursday September 14, 2017

Happy Thursday! Breakfast:  Mini powdered doughnuts with sliced apples, juice and milk Lunch:  Beef and bean burrito, refried beans, tortilla chips, salsa, & apple slices.  Choice of white, chocolate, and strawberry milk. Activities: High School Volleyball  Home Game against Meridian @ 6:00pm.  Junior High Softball Game @ Cypress-Buncombe 6:00pm  

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Friday September 1, 2017

Good Morning! Friday September 1, 2017 Breakfast:  Rolled Taco and Tropical Fruit, Juice and Milk Lunch:  Bosco Cheese Sticks, Marinara Sauce, Salad with Ranch and Tropical Fruit & Milk Have a Great Weekend!

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