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Welcome to Google-
Our educators have worked tirelessly to give students a variety in methods of learning. Since we never know when a moment can cause us to shut our doors again, teachers are using more computer skills in order to communicate and provide opportunities for learning by creating Google Classrooms.
Most of our classrooms are using this mode for providing instruction during Remote Learning Times. Even though students may not be here every day, they are still required to “work” when not at school. Online learning provides us the tools to educate even when not in person.
We at DUSD#66 understand that this is such a learning curve for students, parents and teachers.
Please reach out to the teachers and administration for any additional guidance on how to use Google- it’s a great resource and tool!

STAR Assessment-
Students have taken their first STAR assessment for this school year.
STAR is a computer-based assessment that determines the skill levels of each student Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade by giving skill level questions in a short, test session. Teachers use the data to inform them of the skills each of their students has, what they are ready to learn next and monitors their student growth.
Teachers can adapt instruction and practice in order for students to be more successful academically.
Students will take the STAR assessment three more times during this school year. We feel the more data that is available for student growth, the better prepared we are at identifying where we can help our students be more successful.
For our Remote Only learners, please allow them to take the assessment independently. This gives the school accurate information of their needs.

What about grades?
In March when schools were closing down due to COVID19, our education system was rocked! We had to come up very quickly with solutions to educate, communicate and grade students accordingly. Luckily, we are more prepared this fall for the type of learning we are experiencing.
Please take a look on Teacher Ease as students grades are being posted in the traditional manner. No longer do we post Pass/Incomplete.
Grade Point Average and A’s-F’s are reported.

Social-Emotional Learning-
It’s a tough time in the lives of our students.
If you have a concern about your child at home and how he/she is feeling, please reach out to the school on ways to help him/her.
This is a link shared with teachers as well to help a child at home or school with Social-Emotional Learning activities.

1) SAT- 12th Graders
Wednesday, October 14, 2020.
Seniors must take the SAT. Students will be given more details on times, location and items for testing needing as we
draw closer to the testing date. Ms. Davis and Mrs. Casey are providing test sample questions, so please be in tune
to that.

2) STAR Assessments- PreK-12th
The next testing cycle will be November 2-6.

Thank You!
– To our students for coming to school, or remotely being engaged, and letting us enjoy seeing your faces! It was much too
long since that happened.

– To parents who have contacted the school for help. It’s great to have the school-to-home connection and work together
for students.

– To our DUSD#66 staff for doing all they can in support of our students