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Contact the CDS Managed Support Team

To report or get help with an issue, please call or email CDS at the links below:

855.215.7663 | |

When you contact our Managed Support Team—whether by phone, email or through the web form—a ticket will be created and added to our work list to be addressed by the next available technician. Many issues will be serviceable via remote support, which will greatly reduce wait time and is generally less intrusive than and in-person visit. Not all issues can be resolved remotely, however, and in those cases we will dispatch a field tech as soon as possible based on availability and the severity of the issue.

It is important for you to assess the severity of your issue as accurately as possible! Here are the options available to you when creating a ticket:

Critical issues are widespread and/or have a severe impact on business operations.
High priority issues impact several users and/or have a moderate impact, but business operations can continue.
Medium priority issues impact just a few users and have little impact on business operations.
Low priority issues have minimal impact on users and/or business operations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact James Houseman, IT Manager for CDS Marion, at 618-997-7756!