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On October 14, our Seniors took the SAT assessment that was missed last Spring due to COVID-19. The students worked diligently during the assessment. I applaud them! The assessment is lengthy and challenging, but they spent a lot of time on the sections doing the best they could. The Seniors who are new to the school or missed the SAT will take it in the Spring when our Juniors are assessed. I will keep you posted.

The school has had great feedback about the education environment during this Fall-First quarter.
-One concern was about Chromebooks and the accessibility to change the “sleep” timer on it. Many of you keep having to “wake” in order to continue working. Here is the solution:
1) Click on the bottom right of the Chromebook on the Time (actual time posted on the computer).
2) Select Settings- This is the gear icon when the time box comes up.
3) On the left, select Device.
4) Select Power.
5) Under “when idle,” “while charging,” and “while on battery,” select Keep Display On.
This should help with the computer constantly going to “sleep” mode.

-Another concern has been about organization for the students using Google. I am proud to send a shoutout to our staff who are reflective beings. Many of the teachers have witnessed that students, both in-person and remote only, are struggling to maneuver around Google Classroom. Our teachers are learning as we go through this new educational learning process as well and have found ways to help students and parents.
1) Many are reformatting their lesson planning to be documented through a weekly written calendar. Those calendars can be posted on Google Classroom, through email or simply with a hard copy. Dates for assignments, projects and tests will also be posted on the calendars. Please be mindful of those dates and the grading criterion that goes with each classroom/grade level/teacher for work assigned. Our school life is so different right now that we want to ensure that students are getting work completed in a timely manner for feedback and academic success.
2) Some are revisiting how to maneuver through Google by doing a step-by-step process with the students who are in-person. For those Remote Only Learners, many teachers are having live Meet times with their classmates in order to learn as well.

If you have a Facebook page, keep up with information regarding scholarships, virtual college visits Q&A, and other announcements. Mrs. Bracken also has a Google Classroom in which she posts pertinent information for our Seniors.