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A message from Dr. Maginel

Good Afternoon,

At our board meeting last night, we discussed, at length, the increase of student attendance days. The current schedule and plan will remain in effect until Christmas. At this time, the plan of our District is to return to school four days per week after Christmas break, assuming the pandemic does not get worse or we do not receive orders from a higher office. Remote learning will still be an option, as things stand now. Our in person days will be Tuesday-Friday with dismissal at 2:00. Masks will continue to be required. Please remember this is our current plan, but as this is a fluid situation, circumstances can change. If and when changes are made, we will inform you. Please feel free to call the office if you have any questions. Thank you very much for your ongoing support at this difficult time.

Dr. Paige Helm Maginel
Dongola Unit #66