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What a great week! We are so happy to see our students 4 days a week now. I know they are tired, our staff is tired, but we are overjoyed to see fuller classrooms.

I am adding information on how attendance will be taken for our Remote Only Learners- these are students who are not doing any In-Person instruction days.

The school and state must have verification every day for our students’ attendance. Since our Remote Only Learners are not physically in our school, the parents, guardians and/or students will need to take attendance every day. Attendance will also need to be in by 9:00 AM, Mondays-Fridays (excluding holidays).

Here are the instructions:

On TeacherEase-

1. Go to Student Main or Parent Main
2. The E-Learning Check-In popup window will show up
3. Click the check-in button
4. A confirmation window will show up
5. Click done

*Parents with multiple children may be able to check-in all of their children from the same window, or
when you switch to your next child’s portal.

If you still do not have access to TeacherEase, please contact our school office.

Thank you.