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Welcome to Dongola Unit School District #66

One of our primary goals is for our district to be a community of learners and leaders. Our students will realize a sense of belonging and pride while growing intellectually, emotionally, and socially. We focus on the continual improvement of our district and on strong, effective communication among all stakeholders (students, teachers, families, friends, and community members). Efficient partnerships among all stakeholders is one of our highest priorities.

Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.  Thank you for visiting our website!

Return-to-School Plan for 2021–2022

The document below outlines our return-to-school plan for the 2021–2022 school year. Please download the document (PDF download) and retain a copy for reference as it contains guidelines for safety, information on our cleaning and disinfection protocols, preventative measures, and self-screening tests to help you decide whether it’s safe for you or your students to come into the school.


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Health & Wellness Community Information

Immunization Data

Student Immunization Report (PDF)

Parents & Guardians of students, students and community members:

Please review the document below as it contains information about our health and wellness policies as we navigate the educational challenges of the upcoming school year. We look forward to working with you again!


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Preview of the linked PDF, titled Health and Wellness Community Information

News & Updates

Blog- C&I Information

We are extremely happy to be serving our students 5 days a week, all day long. Since COVID-19 began, our staff has worked diligently to ensure that our students’ education and social well-being is at the forefront. In the event there is a temporary closure of school due to COVID-19 protocols, our school will take […]

Blog- C&I Information

Next week, we will begin the IAR (Illinois Assessment of Readiness) test. Tuesday, May 11th, Wednesday, May 12th and Thursday, May 13th will be testing days for 6th-8th grades. 3rd-5th grades will administer the IAR on Wednesday May 12th-Friday, May 14th. Also, they will take the test on Wednesday, May 19th and Thursday, May 20th.

Blog- C&I Information

Seniors- Please be mindful of the scholarships that are still available, the deadlines, the documents needed and to ask questions regarding your future once you leave Dongola Unit School District #66. May 14th is coming very quickly, so solidifying your plans for college/career is essential. As Ferris Bueller once said “life moves pretty fast. If […]

Blog-C&I Information

We will be having our PSAT/SAT Assessments on Tuesday, April 13, 2021. 11th grade will take the SAT. This is a mandatory assessment students are to take before graduation. The scores from this assessment can be given to potential colleges of interest, scholarships given and allows the school to gain data information on how to […]

Blog-C&I Information

What a great week! We are so happy to see our students 4 days a week now. I know they are tired, our staff is tired, but we are overjoyed to see fuller classrooms. I am adding information on how attendance will be taken for our Remote Only Learners- these are students who are not […]